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New Songs Uploaded
Power Factory and Catatonic Refugee. Check them out and leave comments if you like! This is some of the stuff we'll be jamming at the KFK show on Aug 29th, hope to see you there!
Check out Erbeth Transmissions at Latex Records
First, The Erbeth Transmissions is anything but typical. Erbeth, seems to be another name for what is commonly called LifeForce, Chi, and also known by many other names. This story is a unique Science-Fiction that takes a lot of esoteric, mystic, religious, philosophical, theological, occult, gnostic, and metaphysical concepts and portrays them as Fritz’s version of the true history and nature of mankind and his relation to celestial beings in the universe. You will find accounts relating to ancient colonization of Mars in man’s prehistory as well as mention of such things as Nibiru, the 12th Planet, the Reptilian Agenda, Luciferianism and the true meaning of the Legend of the Fall, and many many more conceptual ideas. This book is a MUST for any fan of Asmodeus X as it helps to explain the many terms, phrases, and concepts behind the band and music, especially as it relates to date to the albums Morningstar and Sanctuary.

For anyone who is not well versed in esoteric philosophy, this book may just seems like a very interesting fiction read. For for those who are, you may note some, at times, rather profound, conceptual ideas and conceptions and unique linkages to varous philosophical ideas. It is both amusingly humorous as well as thoroughly though provoking. It is the type of book that is both a quick read and also a lot to take in. I can’t imagine how much for someone who is not versed in esoterica. However, it is the also the type of book you will want to read over again and could also be the cause of some very interesting new cults. On the level with the best works by Robert Anton Wilson and his associates but is definitely a new breed of further thinking. I can only think of about a handful of authors out of the hundreds of books I’ve read that I have found their works hard to put down and this is definitely one of them!
Jammin' it'chall!
Jammin' today. Getting it together for the August gig which gonna seriously rock. Moving into the future and embracing our roots at the same time. And diggin' some old-school Schlitz by the by. Hope to see all our homies out on 8/29 for KFK!

Kommunity FK w/ Asmodeus X @ #s
Check it out! It's such an honor to be playing with KFK - big-time early influence for us!

Ex-Voto Remix - Watch Out!
Just finished remix for Ex-Voto song Watch Out, which should appear on a rmx album to accompany the new Ex-VoTo Cd Antioc! It was so much fun, I love chopping-up guitar tracks and maximizing the 'chuckity-chuck' goodness of it all. Also reminded me of some of the good times we all had during Ex-Voto's post-Katrina Houston residency. Really looking forward to this release!

Visit http://www.myspace.com/exvoto to stay up to date on the release of Antioc!


Paul Fredric w/ Phase Theory @ Club Hell L.A.
Club Hell MyspacePaul Fredric will be appearing on stage with with good friends and dark electronica associates Phase Theory, June 24th, 09. Come on and check it out if you're in the neighborhood!

The Erbeth Transmissions
Dear Friends of Asmodeus X,

Four years ago, after I got hit by a car while walking accross the street, I started having wierd impressions and ideas. I began to write them down. Gradually they began to form a story. Some of these themes began crossing over into the music I was working on at the time, which happened to be stuff like Astaroth, Typhoon, Spaceship with Beelzebub and other Sanctuary tracks.

Eventually the ideas all began to form into a (semi) coherent story-line which I came to call The Erbeth Transmissions. I can now say with some degree of confidence that this process is complete. Thanks to everyone who has helped me or been supportive along the way, and you can help now too by spreading the word!
With Fire,
Gothic Beauty #27

GB #27 contains a great write-up on the Gothic Cruise and the great performances by Combichrist, Red Flag, Asmodeus X, and Phase Theory. In stores now, check it out!
New Video!!! On A Spaceship with Beelzebub

The popular trip-hoppy track from Sanctuary. The spacey-est Asmo yet! Live footage shot by Allison Skott of Opulent, J-Dogg from Opulent makes a cameo appearance in the end. X-tra special thanks to Allison on this one!


Spaceship Vegas
Spaceship Vegas



Check out the new look at www.asmodeusx.com!

With all our videos, music player, and links to all sorts of Asmodeian resources.

Special thanks to Marshal for his great work on the website, we are fortunate to have such talent within our circle!
Revolutions Awards
We're proud to announce Asmodeus X won in the following categories:

-Best Album
-Best E.P.
-Live Performance

Congratulations to Erase the Virus, Dead P.A. Vertigo Blue and all the other artists who won awards! Extra special thanks to Gustavo, GCEMA, and the Revolutions team for all their work and a great event. See you all on the otha-side!

P.S. Check out pic in our photos section!
CHAIN DLK: Negative Impact Vol 3 Review - Asmodeus X and Phasetheory!
Chain DLK........
Artist: VV.AA


Format: CD


The long awaited Negative Impact
Volume 3 is now out, get your copy from
http://www.myspace.com/negative. It is a self released various
compilation with many awesome Indeadstrial/Aggrotech/Ebm artists on
there. PFP Productions has done it again and put out this cool
compilation to make a trilogy of a plethora of various talents out
there. It picks up where Negative Impact
2 left off but it is newly improved and a wider range of genres that
are surfacing in todays indeadstrial vein. Focusing on this compilation
we begin with track one, " Digital Antichrist " from Critical System
Error which is a band that hails from Chicago that is taking the terror
Ebm circuit by storm. " Digital Antichrist " screams
at you with it's harsh break beats and badass dark in your face voice
singing over overdubs of " don't believe in god." This track is
reminiscent of Agonoise and is pure harsh danse material. We proceed
onto track 3, " Burn Baby Burn ", by Chicago band BioCarbon 13 which is
another great band and the singer
of this band Igor is the mastermind behind putting out this what I feel
best compilation to date. " Burn Baby Burn " is a indeadstrial danse
dream that calls to us with it's clever lyrics and dark charm. Igor
sings to us, " Burn Baby Burn, I am your human sacrifice." Igor writes
beautiful music to match the music we so long for and look forward to
again and again. I just saw Biocarbon 13 live and they were amazing
live definately a band to catch in all their action. Next is Track 5, "
Brutalesspiel" by Sealed in Silence which is an abstract indeadstrial
band that has haunting imagery and surreal landscapes to join with the
marches of strife it projects to you. This was an interesting track
that holds great promise to the world of indeadstrial music. We move to
track 9, " Embrace" by Chicago band Jilt that is also hitting the
circuit hard. Peter Propaganda is the brainchild behind this killer
band that always seem to stick out the most. An indeadstrial windstorm
of samples and just pure energy that will get you stomping to the
beats. As we progress through this compilation one thing that is the
theme of these various bands is noise, samples and the beauty of
indeadstrial and let me say each band seems to excel in all catagories.
Another track that stuck out among the rest is track 11, " The Bright
Ones" by Asmodeus X a familar danse floor hit that we all know. It is
awesome it appears on this compilation and only makes this stronger. "
He sings to us, " here come the bright ones", with all the beauty and
pain it possesses, it is sure to melt our heart and forever call to us
to danse to it's message. Still moving further we move to track 14, "
Lost " which is by well known artists, " Phase Theory" which reigns in
danse floor greatness. Lost is a great arsensal of pure genius. It
reigns and takes over and moved me across my keyboard to the message it brings. Catchy lyrics rhyming and leaving us with death, now nothing couldn't be greater with that final equation, danse or die.
together this full compilation is one of the finest and put together
with great thought and hard work. Negative impact brings positive
feedback. ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo

Review by: Michelle Russo deathsister1334 {at} yahoo {dot} com ]