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False Prophet Campaign Review
False Prophet Campaign Review
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Wednesday, 07 July 1999 00:00

False Prophet Campaign Review


False Prophet Campaign

Cult of the Naassarene - Mission: Holy Fire
1999 Demo
C60, 6 Tracks

I had some reservations when I first got this tape. The whole Satanic/Occult look about it made me wonder. That kind of stuff doesn't really interest me, so I always am a bit leery when it's applied to music. But I'm happy to say that it has no detracting effect on Mission: Holy Fire. These two ex-members of the goth band Morphine Angel have managed to create a goth-industrial hybrid that goes down well even to me, someone who pays little attention to either scene.

"Driving to Wewelsberg" begins Side Day, opening with a simplistically great bass synth like and what has to be an analog drum machine (sounds a lot like an 808 to my rather trained ear, and even uses the hand claps). The vocals and other synth parts do have a decidedly goth feel to them, but the whole package just reminds me of 80's dark synth pop, which I love. "The Sojourn of Mehen Ptah" isn't quite as minimal in its approach. The synths have a lusher sound to them, almost sounding like synthesized Middle Eastern music. More of an ambience thing going here, limited percussion and no vocals, rather cool. "Holy Fire (I Summon)" is more back in the industrial vein. Cool bass synth sequences and 808 fueled beats. "Halls of Apep" also has that great old school synth sound, mixed with a more modern techno "thump thump" style drum section. Cool dark ambient synth bits on it too. A more complex track than a lot of the ones on here, and everything's mixed just right.

Side Night starts with "Flight of the Scarabs", a long piece in three parts, "Setting Sun", "Dark Night of the Soul" and "Rising Sun". It begins with some very movie like synth parts, like something you would hear in a horror flick about mummies. It eventually gives way to some traditional sounding Arabic percussion, which are soon met once again by the synth work. A rather interesting minimalistic piece. "Legacy of Darkness" is also a similar sounding track, with the more symphonic synth parts and traditional rhythms mixed in.

Cult of the Naassarene has made a damn good demo with Mission: Holy Fire. Best way I guess I could describe this is a mix of 80's style industrial, some goth, and even ambient thrown in for good measure. The industrial tracks have a decidedly old school feeling to them, and I feel that's a great thing. My only gripe with this is the lack of dynamicism on a lot of the tracks. Many great ideas here, but there's not a lot of diversity within the songs, barring "Halls of Apep". That's not a bad gripe though, and I'm sure that the problem won't hold these guys back. Recommended!

--Creaig Dunton